And blinking, step into the sun…

The title of the post is from The Circle of Life. And that’s what I’m going to show you – the birth of the bounty, its riotous crescendo, its waning, resting, and rising up again – in pictures:

May 2015


July 2015


Sept 2015


Nov 2015


Jan 2016


Mar 2016


This is the blank canvas atop of which I will invite reds, yellows, pinks, purples, blues…. The tomatoes, eggplants, and multi-colored bell peppers are already sprouting, while the strawberries, papaya, spinach, and snap peas are considering whether or not to realize the potential harbored in their seeds.


Interestingly, the kale was living in the unusually warm winter until my succulent wall fell and broke it’s stem. At that point, the ground was actually frozen so I could not remove the broken end. And here’s what’s happened now!


Like the kale, the spring plants are waking up:


Gratifyingly, the rose leaves begin red, then turn a luscious green, and finally frame bountiful pink flowers. Meanwhile, the Chinese lilac beyond the rose begins deep purple and, in a few weeks, bursts into pinkish culms. Growth, discovery, appreciation… everyday, “blinking, [I] step into the sun”.


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