Ennui and the bee

In the 3 weeks since I posted “An invincible summer“, a miraculous revolution has taken place.

IMG_20150406_161631_482 4/6

IMG_20150414_105858_400 4/14

IMG_20150421_184420_520 4/21

Despite this, I find I have precious little to say these days. I seem to have come to a point where I find corruption everywhere – even in the gorgeous potential unfolding beneath my gaze. I am already battling aphids and forlornly anticipating mildew, leaf roll virus, and caterpillars. Perhaps, as Zola (“Je n’ai guère de souci de beauté ni de perfection… Je n’ai souci que de vie, de lutte, de fièvre.”), I should learn to love the fight. To guide me arrived the first bee of the season, humming about my pregnant Chinese lilac in the warming sun, as well as the cucumbers, and beans… The other seeds, I know, are gathering for an imminent emergence into a combative world which they will transform through willing hard work: filtration, construction, respiration, photosynthesis. I surely see a lesson in that.


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