It’s August 1st and check out what I harvested today alone (almost):



From the top and left to right are 4 poona kheera cucumbers, 3 summer lemon squash, black brandywine tomatoes, ping tung eggplant, thai lavender frog eggplant, & aunt ruby’s german cherry tomatoes. In the second picture, one of my 4 black beauty zucchinis to date. My plant has had lots of yellowing leaves and vegetables dying on the vine; despite that, I got 4 zucchinis this size and have a new one growing well. It seems I was over-watering; knock on wood that I’ve properly corrected my mistake.

I thought I’d also share the present lushness that pleases me everyday:


I’ve listed what’s pictured from left to right. Top row: morning glory vines, bougainvillea, passionflower incense, passiflora caerulea. 2nd row: brite eyes rose, syringa vulgaris with purple million bells, & red begonias, japanese umbrella pine, passiflora incense, syringa x chinensis, mexican petunia, black ornamental pepper, and heath & heather in the wine crate on the right. Last row: lavandula pinnata, lavandula x intermedia ‘provence’, and zonal geraniums.


Pictured here from bottom left to top right are black brandywine tomato leaves, viburnum blue muffin with pink million bells, summer lemon squash, salad burnet, nasturtium with panama passionfruit melon and borage, poona kheera cucumber, lemon verbena, kajari melon with more nasturtium, ping tung eggplant, burmese okra & thai bird’s eye chili, honeysuckle, dahlias, variegated bougainvillea, mandevilla, elephant ear with red million bells and lantana, mintand lemongrass down below, tavor artichoke, blue point juniper, and nasturtium with the bisset bamboo.

The tavor artichoke has been a learning experience. The long spiky leaves have holes & brown & yellow spots. I got 2 nice-looking artichokes, but, being still very much a novice, I didn’t know when to harvest and guess I now just have to let them flower. The bisset bamboo, too, never came back around – I mean the long old canes from last year. Still, I’ve got some nice bushy new growth and great health in the black bamboo (not pictured).

Finally, since they only last one night, here are the 2 best shots I got of one of my only 2 moonflowers to date:



An endeavor in vertical greenery, indeed!


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