The harmony of the elements

Since Losar, I’ve had prayer flags outside. Everyday, I wake up to the elements – rain, haze, breeze, heat… – and their emblems – green, white, red, yellow, and blue flags – undulating in the spring air. You can see them in the headline image, past the yellow bamboo.

It’s interesting: all winter, the bamboo has been a strong green, but now, while the deciduous shrubs begin to sprout leaves (see the lilacs below), it has become a washed-out yellow.



Apparently, bamboo yellows, sheds leaves, and replaces them with new green growth each spring. I guess they’ll turn green just in time to complement all this abundance:




From bottom to top, that’s the burgeoning elephant ear and a bushy little lemon verbena; passiflora incense and clematis from Brushwood Nursery, orange ranunculus from 28th Street, bougainvillea flowering hot pink off to the left, and the foliage-rich hibiscus; dahlias, German chamomile, turmeric, chilis, lemongrass, eggplant, lantana, basil, tomatoes, and my indoor yucca. It’s my first experience with ranunculus – check out how gorgeous:


It’s a good lesson from a tall grass: shed and refresh for optimal health. It complements the idea of the flags in the wind – that balance between the elements yields an experience of the essential nature of existence. For more on this, check out the programs and exhibit at the Rubin through early September – pretty amazing curation.


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