Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself.

A haiku from  Matsuo Bashō on this first official day of spring. The seeds are all growing well, except for the gypsy tomato (which came free with my seed order, and consequently, may have been old) and the Ping Tung eggplant. Actually, the eggplant was one of the first set of seeds I planted in early February; it germinated and unfurled its legs, but then withered and died. I recently planted a new set of seeds but they haven’t yet emerged. I suppose I’ll sit quietly, doing nothing, to see if they will spring into life.

Here are the pics from inside and out:


Ornamental pepper (Capsicum annum ‘Black Pearl’) thriving from last year.


Last year’s sweet basil in between new tomato sprouts. I have 2 types of cherry and one regular – Black Brandywine. Can’t wait to see what that looks and tastes like!


Thai Lavender Frog eggplant and chilis in the wine crate, tiny elephant ear in the black plastic pot, and minuscule lemongrass sprouts with Naga Raja, the Ghost Chili, and turmeric.


Lilac Sunday


Brite Eyes Rose


Honeysuckle – such a pretty color, no?

Finally, a confession: though I bombed everything with neem 2 weeks ago, I found what was essentially an urban center of mealybugs around the roots of my passionflower. Sprawl was also occurring: I found a few bugs on a neaby bougainvillea, and on the curtain  (btw, for those interested in urban sprawl and suburbs, a fantastic old book is Edge City). The research seemed to say that organic treatments would have limited effect and other plants would perpetually be in danger of infestation. I am sorry to say it, but I went chemical. My humblest apologies.


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