The struggle continues…

My seeds are growing! And mealybugs are attacking. I’ve seen them on my Mexican petunia, passionflower, kalanchoe (which also got attacked by aphids this winter), and mandevilla. I’m bombing everything w/ neem again today but if they come back or spread further, I might… try a chemical solution (Ah, the selling out of ideals… but I don’t want them killing my ornamentals or, worse, spreading to my edibles). So as not to leave on a note of discord, here are the pics:





Oxalis triangularis

I’ve also got eggplant, cauliflower, and chilis growing. In fact, I just discovered and planted the 3rd hottest chili pepper around – Naga Raja or Ghost Pepper (1MM+ Scoville units). Perhaps, as with pepper spray, I can use this to knock out my mealybugs…


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