Dukngel (sdug bsngal)

I went out after 2 full days away (18 hours?) and my elderberry was basically just leaves on the ground while my tomato was looking quite yellow. It might just be too hot for my elderberry, but I love it and don’t want it to die. I’ve moved it back to the southwest exposure (which is the opposite of what I should have done if the over-heating theory is right) to see how that might go.



The cherry tomatoes… I went to prune off yellow leaves and saw two half-eaten tomatoes. And then my hand brushed against this:


It is apparently a hornworm. I picked it off with a stick and killed it. Now I have a hole in my heart and guilt that runs deeply. I am sorry, worm. I am so sorry. Is this what having a garden is? Death and destruction and selfishness over compassion?



One thought on “Dukngel (sdug bsngal)

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