Potted! Now comes the battle…

I finally potted EVERYTHING and added proper drainage (which meant wrestling a bamboo root ball out of the rectangular pot into which I’d squeezed it with full-bodied effort a week prior, unloading all the dirt, adding rocks and landscaping fabric, and repotting with perlite… a solid effort, for sure). I’ve got bricks and pot feet and we’re rocking and rolling!


That’s one of my 2 cherry tomatoes. Those, and my one pepperoncini, are my current yield. LOL. Oh, and the lettuce, herbs, and still small kale.

Now come the bugs and the heat. It is 90 degrees today.

My okra has holes in its leaves.


(The tiny green leaves are habanero!) I will let you know what I find out about that. Speaking of, last time I mentioned my flowering stevia. Apparently, the leaves are sweeter before the plant flowers, so pinching was recommended. It’s doing well. I have to say that one of the most delicious and refreshing things is stevia, lemon verbena, and mint julep steeped and chilled. Amazing. Though Pimm’s cup with lemon verbena and salad burnet was also outstanding. Such fun to have herbs!


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