I’ve got some okra!

I planted my okra seeds just about 10 days ago and have seen no movement. They are in a Smart Pot which, itself, is in a wooden box. The drainage is not perfect. And since they can grow up to 6 feet tall, they need depth. So it’s a really big square pot of dirt. Since I planted my seeds, it’s has rained heavily, with sun so intermittent, that only really the topmost layer of dirt can get remotely dry before the next big long rain. I figured that if I hadn’t planted my seeds to deeply in the first place, the weather was doing the rest of the work in thwarting my rooftop farming plans (I say “farming” b/c my flowers are doing just fine – even my destroyed hydrangea is growing leaves out the wazoo!).

But now I’ve got some germinated seeds!


Since that’s so cool – and b/c my other seeds germinated too (arugula roquette & alfalfa sprouts), I decided to go the supermarket route and bought a lemongrass stalk, a habanero pepper, and some ginger root. I’m rooting the lemongrass in water, as instructed by SF Gate, a site I find generally quite useful, and am going to use the wikiHow to plant my ginger. The habanero, I simply planted after opening the chili – I didn’t dry them or spray or anything. So that’s just me winging it. Unfortunately, I opened the chili and planted the seeds while outside w/ my breakfast: never had a chocolate croissant that made me cry before!


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