Monsoon Shlepping

The greenmarket people told me to come by Saturday morning. I set an alarm for 7:30am on a Saturday and made it there at 9:30am. I thought that was pretty good – but all the tall trees (arborvitae) were already sold! And, while I was standing there, anything one might look at and stop to consider, was sold before one even had a chance to finish the thought about where it might go, how it might fit in one’s space… Case in point, that twisted lavender before I put my camera phone away.


So I headed out to Brooklyn and found some peace and slowness. Purchased a ton at Crest Hardware and Rose Red and Lavender (the hardware store had lots of the same stuff – even a bag pot – for 2/3 the price).


Got a ride back w/ a “delivery” guy named Brad who’s publishing a book on Random House in the fall (Blue Bucket – about the Blue Bucket Mine, where I now want to go and pan gold) and hugged a fantastically loving dog named Stu the whole way home while monsoon rain fell.

Here was the first resident on my terrace – a Blue Point Juniper (w/ the neighbor’s awesome clematis):

Truth be told, I’ve planted nothing so far. Or nothing outside – I did plant a jade inside – but I did get seeds (alfalfa, arugula, and okra), a lot of organic dirt, a spade, and a trowel, and, most importantly, I did get super jazzed. My dream is of vegetables overflowing from stacked boxes, succulents peaking out from a graffitied, repurposed shipping pallet (which I got free at Saifee Hardware in the East Village), worms working overtime to compost the discarded parts of the very same vegetables growing next to it, and, butterflies, birds, and bees… Although, next, I think it will have to be talking to the coop board…


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